July Session 2017

Our 29th season is now over

The July session of our 29th season has just finished. As promised to students, I am sending a slideshow consisting of seventeen photos taken by me and three by Sarah. A main reason why it is shorter and less rounded than the one I posted for June session is that I was unable to get very far with my plan of taking photos of students working in the landscape. This was because I was unexpectedly removed from the scene and taken to hospital for four days in the second week, as a result of suffering from what was at first diagnosed as a mini-stroke. Since then, the favoured explanation is a problem with the balancing mechanism in my ears.

I felt bad leaving the students but they seem to have got on perfectly well without me. I was certainly cheered by the quality of the work they showed in the final exhibition. No doubt at least part of the reason for the high standard was that Sarah was on hand to take over the teaching role. The students tell me that she was wonderful. They also spoke of their appreciation of the help given by Jill and Marie-Thérèse.

A tribute to Sarah, Jill and Marie-Thérèse

One of the students, who came from Hawaii to both the June session and the July session, asked me to share the following tribute to Sarah, Jill and Marie-Thérèse..

  • “What a privilege it has been for me to be taken in by this group of women who love and support the Painting School… Each of them is an accomplished artist and it is an education and a delight to be able to watch them put marks on paper. They listen patiently to anyone who wants to chat about their art or any other subject. And they often reiterate Francis’ teachings, which has been invaluable to me for absorbing it all… I never expected to receive the gift that these women bring to the Painting School experience and I want to acknowledge this secret treasure. As a group they bring a richness to the school that can’t be measured.” – Susan (Savanah) Forster
July session 2017

The thirtieth season and beyond

The hospital staff  submitted me to all sorts of checks (brain, heart, carotid artery and more). They concluded that there was no lasting damage and that I could continue more or less as if nothing had happened. One reason I am glad about this is that I had set my heart on reaching the thirtieth season of the Painting School of Montmiral, which we hope to celebrate in style. Please join us if you possibly can.


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5 thoughts on “July Session 2017”

  1. Merci Francis et merci Savannah. Merci Sarah et merci Jill. Merci tous les présents à ce stage. J’ai un “voyage” de peinture en cours que j’espère bien accomplir avant ma 30eme session. À bientôt.

  2. I fully understand why students return year after year no matter how they engage in art between times. It is a privilege that I was able to join the Painting School family. I’m having a hard time articulating to my friends back home what my experiences were. My time there will continue to impact my life and my art on many levels for years to come. Thank you all again.

  3. Toujours heureuse de participer à cette indéniablement belle expérience … dès les petits déjeuners … jusqu’au “last supper” d’anniversaire, Merci à tous !

  4. Many thanks to Francis, dear friends, and students who joined us on this course…it was once again a rich experience and full of learning.

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