The Painting School Logo

Caladrius bird looks at king
A Caladrius bird at work

Medieval origins 

When working on the design of the Painting School logo, it seemed appropriate to find something that referred to the historic origins of Castelnau de Montmiral. In a medieval bestiary we found the Caladrius Bird, which was said to have very special powers that included the ability to help people with eyesight problems through the mediation of its droppings. More generally, it could restore people’s sense of well-being by ingesting their troubles through its eye-beams, flying them up to the sun, and regurgitating them into the all-consuming solar fire.


The logo of the Painting School of Montmiral, shown below and on every page of this website, shows the Caladrius bird framed by a sunflower. The bird symbolises learning to see as if with new eyes, and the sunflower is intended to suggest both the healing warmth of the south of France and the iris and pupil of an eye.



Caladrius bird logo
Logo showing a Caladrius bird,  framed by a sunflower that suggests the iris of an eye


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