June session 2017

“The best ever”

This year’s June session is now over.  We had four new students: Two from USA, one from Canada and one from GB. Stefan, who came for the fifth time, said it was the best ever for him. For me it was one of the many best: Over 29 years now I feel that I have had incredible luck with the people who have come as students. I have made many friends and they have rewarded me with splendid paintings and drawings, some of which can be seen on the “Student Work” page of this website..

Last year I created slideshows for both the June and July sessions (you can find them on Facebook). I have made another for this year’s June session, which you will find below.

The 2017 June session slideshow

Here is the slideshow using photos taken by a number of people, including Sarah, Barbara, Stefan, Julie and myself. Most of the images are either in the studio or on the esplanade, although I have included three that show us enjoying ourselves at evening meals.  I hope you enjoy it

june session

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7 thoughts on “June session 2017”

  1. And a great time was had by all! Thank you Francis and Sarah and Jill and Marie-Therese and Hélène and Kat for all your work and support and being able to watch you make art. Your teachings, Francis, made a deep impression on me and I continue to feel like a child in grammar school thrilled at the ability to read for the first time.

  2. Lovely photos of a very special couple of weeks together! Thank you again, Francis, for such a great course. I learned so much from you about art and life. I’m excited to put your lessons into practice over the next year.

  3. More later – but now, and very quickly – The Painting School experience each year is one of my most treasured and extraordinary creative experiences. Ever. I return home each year deeply enriched. There is so much I want to say – but, this little space isn’t big enough! Love and Thanks to You All!

  4. So wonderful to be reminded of this meaningful session with such fine group of people. I am so grateful for what each person brought to make this such a successful session.

  5. Appreciated seeing highlights of the latest summer session. As I observed the artists at work, I wanted to talk to each of them! They were so intent, so engaged. The photography was very professional and will serve as an excellent recruitment tool for next year’s session.

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