Student work

The slideshow showing the scope and variety of student work

There are over two hundred images of student work in the slideshow below. Their purpose is to give an idea of the range and variety of the approaches to painting and drawing pursued by students at the Painting School of Montmiral and at the Joan Zuckerman School of Painting in Norfolk, England, where the Course Director ran either one or two, fourteen day courses every year for eleven years. The first twenty or so images will give you a flavour, but it would be a pity to miss the others for the level of quality is sustained right to the end.

An example of progress made after a few days of teaching 

A large majority of the paintings and drawings were made in whole or in part during the sessions. Beginners, experienced amateurs and professionals are all well represented. However it is far from always clear from which of these three groups the images come. The two photos immediately below provide an example of two paintings made by a student during the same session: The one on the left was made soon after arrival and the one on the right, a few days later. Many of the works illustrated in the slideshow reflect similar rapid progress by formerly unskilled students.

The slideshow below shows over 200 images of student work that give some idea of the variety of approaches that have been encouraged.

june session

Click here for comments on their course by the students who made these paintings

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