Celebrating 30 years-June 2018

The slideshow

We took advantage of the meal at the end of our June session to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Painting School, which had it first season in 1988. In addition to relishing the usual feast made by my daughter Katherine, several of us made toasts, had a cake with candles and  finished with some music. The slide show below shows photos taken, by Sarah and various students, before, during and after the last meal of the June session. It shows:

  • People finding their places and eating.
  • Myself, Marie-Therese and Sarah making toasts.
  • Sarah, my grandson Milo and his friend Khorene, putting candles on the cake.
  • Appreciating the candlelit cake.
  • Marie-Thérèse (who came as a student on 1988) and I blowing out the candles.
  • Sawyer entertaining us with one of his Punk compositions.
  • Katherine* and Loucine doing vocal improvisations to chords chosen and played by Sawyer.
  • The now half empty room.





2 thoughts on “Celebrating 30 years-June 2018”

  1. I wish I could have attended. You’re all so dear in my heart. I love receiving the posts in my email. And you all look GREAT! I’m delighted you are in good health again, Francis.

    Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of the Painting School!!
    With Love,

  2. Francis,
    Thank you for this website, for these photos, and for all of the good and wonderful memories with friends, teachers and staff. I learn so much each year, but meeting and engaging with you and everyone present is always an extraordinary enhancement of each moment of my time at The Painting School.
    Warm regards,

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