Welcome to the Painting School

The drawing and painting workshops / courses at The Painting School of Montmiral offer students much that cannot be found elsewhere. Over 27 years it has been shown repeatedly that, through a unique combination of innovative ideas and practical suggestions, this course can transform the working practice of anyone who is seriously interested in drawing or painting, whatever their current level of achievement and whatever their particular aims or problems.

"A very different and vastly more interesting type of artistic education than I have met before." - Yolanda Hart

All who come to study at The Painting School of Montmiral will benefit from the Course Director's long experience as a caring and supportive teacher whose informed eye and attentive ear give students confidence and encourage their creativity.

"I really valued the way you looked with me at what I was trying to paint. You gave me the confidence to tackle things I wouldn’t have dared try out.” - Cathy Walker

"A magical place, good company, intensely stimulating ideas and teaching... I came to Montmiral to have my eyes stretched and I do not think I have ever looked so hard.” - Unity Couzens