Painting with Colour: Introduction

The  first three sections:

As anyone who has clicked on my “Post Page” will know, I have written four books: one on “drawing”, one on “painting”, one on “creativity” and one on “the science of how artists use their eyes”, which underpins much of the originality of the other parts. The volumes on drawing and painting are both divided into two books. The one on painting is divided into  “Painting with Light” and  “Painting with “Colour”. I have already Posted all the chapters of “Painting with Light”. I am now progressing to “Painting with Colour”. This Post provides an “Introduction” to this second book within a book. It starts with a list of the three subdivisions:

  • Colour and feeling (Chapter 19).
  • Local colour interactions (Chapters 20-24)
  • Shadows, shading and highlights (Chapters 25 -28)

The final section of the book provides:

  • Concluding syntheses based on both “Painting with Colour” and “Painting with Light”( Chapters 29-31)


Light, colour and Chiaroscuro
Figure 1 : Colour, Light and shade : The Esplanade, Castelnau de Montmiral – Chalk pastel

Light, colour and Chiaroscuro
Figure 2 : Colour and Light : Breath Pastel No 18

Light, colour and Chiaroscuro
Figure 3 – Colour only – mixed media – Michael Kidner

List of already Posted chapters from “Painting with Light”:

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3 thoughts on “Painting with Colour: Introduction”

  1. It will be a while before I have time to delve into the text but I must say how lovely it is to see the Esplanade and Breath paintings, they are a delight.

  2. This introduction sets the scene for important topics that lie ahead. I love the paintings in Figures 1, 2 and 3, all those ‘colour excitements’ and more. I look forward to reading on.

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